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Felix Felicis

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Я тебя так слышу

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Собственно, мы ведь видим не только отражения наших персонажей в картинках или видео, а слышим некоторые характеры и ситуации в песнях, так почему бы не поделиться?



Ты знаешь, я тебя люблю ,)



[19.05.18] deep within

I'm alive
But paralyzed
By the sight of bloodshed fights
Shoot 'em right between the eyes
Can I let it go
When I'm leaving
Weak inside
But built to fight
Living life through compromise
Terrified to prove me right
Can I let it go
When I'm leaving



[21.01.2019] you can always be strong

Sound the bugle now, play it just for me
As the seasons change remember how I used to be
Now I can't go on, I can't even start
I've got nothing left, just an empty heart

I'm a soldier: wounded so I must give up the fight
There's nothing more for me, lead me away...
Or leave me lying here

Sound the bugle now. Tell them I don't care
There's not a road I know that leads to anywhere
Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark
Lay right down. Decide not to go on

Then from on high somewhere in the distance
There's a voice that calls, "Remember who you are.
If you lose yourself your courage soon will follow.
So be strong tonight. Remember who you are."

You're a soldier now fighting in a battle
To be free once more.
Yeah, that's worth fighting for



чернухи подвалило

Дилан и Аврора
Дельфин - Двое

Впереди слёз океан,
Печалей многокилометровые пляжи.
Останемся с тобой там,
Солнце меж наших костей ляжет.
Ты только не оборачивайся назад.
Достаточно просто веры
В то, что покинутый нами ад,
Обгладывают лангольеры.
Но вряд ли им по зубам,
Отнять у нас самое дорогое.
Я тебя никому никогда не отдам
И ты всегда владей мною.



[07.07.2017] visiting jabberwocky

Простите, девушки, просто. Просто. Да, я обкурился.




Dylan & Aurora

Prime Circle - I'll Wait for You

You're like a song in the air
It's a tune I will always be singing

You’re so far away
But you're part of my life
This is what I want you to know

Отредактировано Aurora Harper (2018-04-07 11:24:29)



[Point of respawn]

I know what you want so desperately
You know I'll give you one for free
Forever you're coming back to me
Now I'm going to give you what you need
Cause I know what you fiend on
And what you lean on

The shoulder you cry on
The dose that you die on
Did you find another cure?



Seth Arkham & Tien Moore


When all of your flaws and all of my flaws
Are laid out one by one
The wonderful part of the mess that we made
We pick ourselves undone

All of your flaws and all of my flaws
They lie there hand in hand
Ones we've inherited, ones that we learned
They pass from man to man

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground
Dig them up; let's finish what we've started
Dig them up, so nothing's left untouched

All of your flaws and all of my flaws,
When they have been exhumed
We'll see that we need them to be who we are
Without them we'd be doomed

Bastille - Flaws

Отредактировано Seth Arkham (2018-04-08 11:12:48)



Jerry Leman | Tien Moore | Seth Arkham


We As Human - Double Life



[01.02.2017] names won't hurt me

Despite this cruel world
And all my best efforts
You surprise me with just how perfect you are

Even with all my flaws
And my bad examples
You surprise me with
Just how perfect you are

And when I'm lost
You search for me
And when I doubt
You're my belief
I'm supposed to be the stronger one
You always seem to prove that theory wrong



Кэролайн Блэквуд и Роберт Кан
Oh, come on, obviously.
Avril LavigneGirlfriend

Don't pretend
I think you know
I'm damn precious
And, hell yeah
I'm the motherfuckin' princess

So come over here
And tell me what I wanna hear
Better yet, make your girlfriend disappear
I don't wanna hear you say her name ever again (and again and again)

Cause she's like so, whatever
You could do so much better
I think we should get together now
(And that's what everyone's talkin' about)



[12.04.18] strange neighborhood: against the music

Joan Howard

You've got a heart on fire
Bursting with desire
You've got a heart filled with passion
Will you let it burn for hate or compassion



[28.01.19] Когда лгать себе становится слишком поздно.

Just out of reach of this fire
I was not aware of this nightmare
But when I start to see those eyes
Begging for help, begging for hope
I just need to open my eyes now
To try to change and to search how
To be someone among others
I've got to try



Dylan Black x Aurora Harper

Marilyn Manson - Devour

I'll swallow up all of you
like a big bottle of big, big pills
but, you're the one that I should never take
but I can't sleep until I devour you
I cant sleep until I devour you



Мира, Джоан, и Кэт, как всегда отправляющиеся в какой-то крестовый поход.

Stay strong, keep moving, can't let the darkness blind us
Carry on, we'll be the ones that pull the stars down to us



Эта прекрасная песня олицетворяет для меня весь Феликс.

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope, and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless goldfields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive a memory



Джеймс в [хх.хх.17- хх.хх.18] Не очень хорошо

Five nights left to find you
One last thing to tend to
You'll fear what I can do
But you'll never run
Ghosts warn of my actions
But I'm the main attraction
You'll bring my satisfaction
Our little horror story's just begun

These metal gears and parts
Contain my purple heart
They had their sweet revenge
And brought me to an end
Now I'm the monster here
I'll make you disappear
One last show to put on
After tonight you're gone



Мэттью, я такую песню о тебе нашла что крышу сносит.

I embrace the feeling
Of despair that keeps me
Standing on my own
I'm no hero
Starting back at zero
It's an unfair world so
To the wolves I'm thrown
To the wolves I'm thrown

I, the messenger of loss
Have traveled at a cost
To save their legacies
I, the stranger in the wind
A man of many sins
Alone with memories



Joan Howard

I gotta find myself, gonna find it now
I gotta be a man, I gotta find him now
I gotta be a man, I gotta be the man
They wanna take me down, wanna see me crawl
I gotta be a man, I gotta find him now
I gotta be a man, I gotta be the man
I gotta find myself, gonna find it now
I gotta be a man, I gotta find him now
I gotta be a man, I gotta be the man



Aurora HarperDylan Black



Стэнли, покинувший Хогвартс и исчезнувший в поисках чего-то.

From the window of his life, he can see his home
As it passes by he feels a pain that no one knows
Past every better judgment, he packs his things to run away
Like an ocean distance is a beast that can’t be tamed

Whoa, whoa, ooh
He left you behind

Now the young man roams the globe
Searching for the very thing he left at home
He searched far and wide, under every stone
The more he walked the more he was alone



Наш Хогвартс

Remember when the darkness wasn't all you had to see
Remember when a part of you still hoped for what could be
Well I got this suit of armor and a sword I need to swing
Wake wake wake up child

Отредактировано Joan Howard (2018-07-12 15:49:44)



Стэнли и Элизабет



Джоан, "отпускающая" профессора Джи




Джоан. Просто Джоан

(я так посмотрел - треки Within Temptation просто уникально-универсальны :D)

Отредактировано Stanley Gallagher (2018-07-25 14:00:50)




Особенно вот этот пост в what doesn't destroy you, leaves you broken instead

Open up wide, swallow down deep
No spoon full of sugar could make it sweet
The cancer inside stealing my sleep
Night after night it keeps haunting me
The secrets I keep
Are tearing me up inside
I try to hide and then I wonder why

Why I’m still running when I know there’s no escaping

Come undone, surrender is stronger
I don’t need to be the hero tonight
We all want love we all want honour
Nobody wants to pay the asking price



Lorraine Harper & James Howard





Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez x Orihime Inoue:

I’ve caught you all alone, I think I hear you moan
I want to take you for my own
It’s not a nice surprise, I see it in your eyes
I think I chill you to the bone
There’s something in the night, it hides a strange delight
It offers words with tempt and twist
Watch fires burn so bright, you’re only faking fright
And yet you’re helpless in my grip

Отредактировано Erzsebet Arthorige (2018-11-06 03:30:55)


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